Ashes arrive back to us in plain pine boxes. If you wish to purchase an urn, this is a selection of the urns we most commonly use. There are plenty more than can be found on these websites





Peach Bark urns$520.50
Set of 4 Supplier – Urncraft
Matched Pair urns$250.50
Set of 2 Supplier: Urncraft
Wai Amipere urn$1,030.50
Supplier: Urncraft
Restored Rimu Urn$730.50
Supplier: Urncraft
Pohutakawa Elegance Urn$730.50
Supplier: Urncraft
Pouaka Pungarehu Poutū$430
(Vertical Ashes Box) Supplier: art by RIWA
Pouaka Pungarehu Huapae$430
(Horizontal Ashes Box) Supplier: art by RIWA
Koiwi Manaaki Urn$400
Koiwi means - bones Manaaki means - to take care of
Morris & James Royal Urn$365
Supplier: Lucentt
Ridge Urn Pohutakawa$200
Supplier: Return to Sender
Ceramic Urn Aqua$535
Supplier: Return to Sender
Ceramic Urn Terra$535
Supplier: Return to Sender
Artisan Urn Rangitoto$460
Supplier: Return to Sender
Heritage Rimu Urn$250
Heritage Rimu Urn Supplier: Western Caskets
Aria Tree of Life Metal Urn$560
Supplier: Mortech
Trinity Pearl Metal Urn$560
Supplier: Mortech
Celebration Subtle Urn$365
Supplier: Departure Lounge
Flowering Pohutukawa Urn$365
Supplier: Departure Lounge
Large Scatter Tube Sunshine Forest$100
Supplier: Mortech
Journey Earthurn Green with Fern$190
Supplier: Mortech
Flax Urns$0
Small $27 Medium $40 Large $54 Supplier: Flax Farewells