Simple cremation

The cost for a simple cremation is $3,200. This covers transporting the person back to our cottage from where they have died, organizing the paperwork for a cremation, a simple pine casket, transportation to the crematorium, and the cremation itself.  It also covers spending time with the person at our cottage and accompanying us to the crematorium if you wish to do so.  It does not cover the doctor’s fee for doing their part of the paperwork which can range from $50 – $300, or for extras like a newspaper notice or flowers.

Professional Services Fee

The fee for our services is $3,200 with an early payment discount of $200.

Transfer fee

$230 for transporting from the place of death e.g. home, hospital, rest home, hospice.  There will be an additional fee for transfers outside of the Auckland region.

Home care

$60 per night – we will come in daily to check on ice packs and help with keeping the person safely at home.

Cool room

$60 per night – this is our alternative to embalming – keeping their body cool to preserve it until the time of the funeral.

Hearse hire



See our casket page for prices of the various caskets available.

Costs we will pay on your behalf and invoice you for after the funeral:

Doctor’s fee

This is for the paperwork they do at the time of death and each medical practice sets their own fee – can range from $50 – $300.

Cremation certificate

$40 for the independent referee who gives us permission to cremate once they have reviewed all the cremation paperwork.

Cremation cost

Set by the individual crematoriums – from $650.

Digging fee

Set by individual cemeteries for a burial – from $1150 .

Death certificate



Done rarely but if necessary costs around $500.

Chapel hire

From $200.

Reception hire

From $200


From $10 per head

Service sheets

From $2.50 per service sheet – there is a huge variation depending on how many pages we do and how many photos there are in it.
It also gets cheaper the more you do but we can advise you on this when we are working with you.


Generally $300 + GST for a casket spray but this can be negotiated.


From $450


From $180


From $200


From $150


From $200

Video recording of service

This is a free service at the crematorium.  If you want a videographer to record the service, price is from $650.

Newspaper notice

Average $200

Memorial candle


Slide show

From $50