Eco-friendly practices

There are many ways we work that are based on our commitment to the environment. This includes the cool room we have at our cottage, the caskets we use, our use of rental caskets, and our electric vehicle.

Body Care of the deceased

Embalming is very seldom necessary, and we prefer to take care of our deceased’s bodies naturally. By keeping the body cool, we can allow time for funeral arrangements to be made and for families and friends to be part of the washing, dressing, and preparing at our cottage, or if you would prefer, at home.

Eco caskets

There are many casket makers in NZ who are working hard to ensure that they are using sustainable woods, caskets that are completely wood based i.e. don’t use any hard ware such as nails or screws, and that are involved in forest regeneration programmes.  Information on these caskets are on the casket page or you can ask your funeral director for more information.

Rental caskets

If a person is to be cremated, we will discuss with the family the option of using a liner (very plain casket) inside another casket for the funeral.  We will then reuse the outside casket.  Many people choose this option – it is not being wasteful and makes sense from a financial and environmental perspective. See our casket page for more information on this option.

Eco-friendly practices with a funeral